Dexter: Senior Center Takes Over Senior Nutrition Program

The reason that the senior center is working so hard to keep this program going is the social aspect of it, Stirling said. The people who use the program typically need it for their (one hot meal of the day), but the congregate program for us is just as important, because for many of our seniors its the only time they leave their house they come here to have coffee, talk to their friends and exercise, in addition to the meal. The service also allows seniors who visit the center for the congregate program to lengthen their stay at the center in order to utilize more of its programs all of which are designed to enrich the lives of the Dexter areas elderly population. We have people who come in for exercise and stay for lunch or who come in for lunch and stay for afternoon cards, Stirling said. The program provides 1,500 meals per month to Dexter area seniors, according to Dexter Senior Center Board member Jim Carson. In addition to the county pulling its administrative support for the program, which represented 25 percent of the programs costs in Dexter alone, earlier this year sequestration cuts reduced federal funding of the Senior Nutrition program by $33,949 or 5 percent to $678,988, according to county documents.
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Readers questions on stress and nutrition answered

For instance, I am suffering from premature greying of hair at quite a young age, wrinkles around my eyes, etc. What can be done to prevent further damage? 15:36 Stephanie Karl: Stress increases the hormone cortisol and this can dull your appetite. It also triggers insulin.
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